Let everybody inside

Let everybody inside Erasmus+ project in Athens

Let everybody inside is the Erasmus project took place in Athens, Greece. It gathered together people from many different countries.
There were teams representing Italy, Latvia, Greece, Poland, Turkey and Afghanistan. But we also have people originally coming from France and Brasil as well.
Every day we started at 9:30-10:00 and do energisers to boost energy for the day.
8th of December was an introduction day, so we did name games to meet each other. Of course it was hard to remember everyone immediately but nonetheless, after a few days we did it 😁 Maybe 😂
That day we learned about Erasmus - Youth Exchange, Non-Formal Education, Training Courses, ESC and a YouthPass that each of us will get after finishing this project.
After that we shared some knowledge about our countries in general, like population, religions, languages and ethnic groups and our expectations from projects, fears and contributions that each of us can make to make this project even better.
That day was all about meeting each other and building the team for the next 10 days, so we had a small challenge to complete 13 tasks in 25 minutes without doing the same task all together, of course we failed😂 but we learned from our mistakes
After the dinner we had the rest of the evening free for rest, some more introductions and having fun
9th of December started so fun, we went outside to do some energisers and one of them was crazy fun, it was elimination game - we had to spin in two circles and then on “STOP” we needed to find our partner, hug, and sit down. It was very active and people were falling.
Upon returning to our meeting room we did project in national teams sharing information on refugee and migration situation in our countries, a role play “Privilege walk” each of us representing a person with certain social situation. Then in mixed teams we were developing new solutions for refugees as a political parties, presenting and putting them to a vote.
Our day ended with an amazing intercultural evening - teams we re treating everyone with their national food and drinks, Latvian team did quiz about their country,, Polish prepared a presentation and taught us one of their dances, Turkish and Italian teams shared their songs with us and a video about Italian stereotypes and Greece prepared an amazing table of traditional meals and Afghanistan team showed us their beautiful national costumes and kids danced to afghan music.
Today is already the 14th of December and it is said that the project is coming to an end, but we have a few more amazing days ahead of us, to make memories that will stay forever.